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Vibra Mahou presents Mad Cool DJ Talent 2022
Vibra Mahou presents Mad Cool DJ Talent 2022

Do you want to be part of the line-up of the next Mad Cool Festival?

From Mahou and Mad Cool we wanted to expand and look for the best emerging talent, with the launch of the first Mad Cool Dj Talent by Vibra Mahou in this new version.

If you are a Dj and you have always imagined yourself making the Mad Cool audience jump, go ahead, this is your chance. We are going to try to make you move our stage upside down.

*See contest conditions and awards in the legal bases at the bottom of this page.

If you want to participate, read carefully the rules and sign up as soon as possible, you have until December 18th at 23:59h.
We wish you the best luck!

How does the contest work?

  1. Register before Sunday, December 18th at 23:59h by filling in all the fields requested in the form: name, surname, style, social networks, etc...

  2. Upload one of your sessions in audio, video or Mixcloud link format, of a maximum of 20 minutes. In the case of uploading a video, the recording quality of the video will not be a determining factor for the selection of the DJs who will pass to the next phase, so do not worry about this detail.

  3. Dj's who register must be followers of Mad Cool Talent's official Instagram page (@madcooltalent), as well as Vibra Mahou's Instagram (@vibramahou). In addition, you must post on Instagram feed or reels to validate your registration using the hashtag #MahouCoolTalent and mentioning @madcooltalent and @vibramahou. It is essential to make this post including the hashtag and mention, in order to move to the next phase, otherwise you would be disqualified.

  4. Between December 20th and January 1st, a professional jury will select the 50 DJs for the next phase: the fan vote.

    Fernando Galán - Night content programmer El Sol Club
    Pat Quinteiro - CEO PAT Communications & METAPAT, Co-director Spain
    Alex Montoya - Partner Analog Agency
    Ángela Cortés - DJP Music School / Beats By Grilz
    Cindy Castillo - Mad Cool Booking manager
    Araceli Martín - CoFunder Flama Festival
    Mattia Torrione - Artistic Director Lula Club
    Sally Hurst - Analog Agent
    David Nus - Programming Manager The Bassement Club
    César Andión - Live Nation Spain Talent & Export

  5. On January 2nd we will announce the 50 DJ's selected by the jury, to move on to the next phase of fan votes.

  6. From then on, the online voting phase will start and will last from January 2nd 00:00h until January 11th 23:59h. Ask your fans and friends for their support, it will be essential to make you be selected!

  7. On Thursday, January 12, the 25 most voted DJs will be announced and will go on to the second evaluation by the professional jury.

  8. Between January 12th and 16th the second evaluation of the jury will take place.

  9. Between January 17th and 19th, the DJs who will go on to the finals will be announced. All information will be sent by mail to the address provided during registration.

  10. During February 03rd, 04th and 05th the final sessions of Mad Cool Dj Talent will be held, where the 15 selected Dj's will have to attend to defend their sessions on Mad Cool live. Thus, those selected will perform in the final sessions that will be held on dates and times established by the organization.